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What We Do

AG Organics is a full service wholesaler, distributor and on-line retailer of Organic Home & Garden Products. We have been in business since 1999, and growing every year. Our office and warehouse are located in Prosper, TX, just north of Hwy. 380 near Preston Road.

AG Organics is unique is several key ways:

  • We carry products from over 20 manufacturers, basically picking the best of the best to insure our retailers have the latest and most effective products on the market.  We review our product selections annually and make adjustments as needed based on sales and customer acceptance.  We carry the latest and most complete line of products including herbicides, fungicides, insecticides and fertilizers.  We also carry other products like insect repellents, orange oil, and biostimulants.  Our manufactures are the best in the business with long standing reputations in Organics.  Some of our most recognized brands are: Concern, Garden-Ville, Greenlight, Havahart, Liquid Fence, Maxicrop, Medina, Natures Wisdom, Orange Guard, Safer, Schultz Garden Safe, Victor, and Woodstream.
  • We strive to be not only the best and most effective, but also the organization with the latest in product knowledge.  In fact, our field people are called Education and Sales consultants.  This reinforces to them and our customers that their role is to provide both.  Our field people go through extensive product training in all our products and are using or testing them at all times.  We know that understanding Organic methods and products can be complicated.  Our sales people can help by providing product knowledge education sessions, product binders with easy to follow color coded information, and a web site that you can refer customers to when necessary.  We have the experience and the ability to transfer our knowledge to you, your employees and your customers. 
  • We can take the guesswork out of product selection.  We do the research and sales history for you.  We apply our knowledge of products and sales history to develop a comprehensive and high volume line of full use lawn and garden products, designed to meet most any gardenerís needs.  We will work with you to problem solve sales shortfalls.  Our people can accommodate unique product needs that are suited to your area and your customerís needs.  For example, deer repellants sell well in Austin but have no demand in Dallas. If you wish, our product line is vast enough to be totally customized to your specific needs.

We also contribute to the Organic community in various ways, from supporting the garden talk shows to speaking to different organizations and groups. 

We have a vision of where we want to go and a mission statement that is designed to take us there.  We invite comments and criticism and appreciate anyone taking the time to provide us either.

If you have any questions about our company or our products, please call me at 972-347-3330, or toll free at 877-447-3330.

Eric Hover
President, AG Organics