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Safe Kill: Mouse Killer Bait Packs by Spectrum Brands

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Safe-Kill Rodenticides

The Only Safe AND Effective Rodenticide

Made from Corn Oil Concentrate
Can be used around Children and pets
Not toxic to humans, pets, or other animals
Kills up to 40 mice (8-10 per packet)
One box contains 4/3 oz Packets

The manufacturer discontinued this item and we donít have any left in stock. We have not found any other online retailers that have any left either. We are on the hunt for a similar organic mouse bait/poison, but there are no comparable products out there right now. If something does show up. We will be the first to find and stock it.

We made an informational site all about the Rodents of North America to help you. This has all the facts about your rodent and all the ways to control them without the use of chemical baits.
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                          .005% Corn Oil Concentrate

Inert:                           5.000% Molasses
                                 94.995% Corn

Combines Safety, Efficacy, and Convenience

The ONLY non-poisonous rodent baits available
                 Safe to use around children and pets
                 NO secondary toxicity to pets or wildlife (except rodents)

Matches D-Con's efficacy - kills in days
                      Kills rodents that are resistent to conventional rodenticides
                      Each packet kills 8 - 10 mice

Comes in ready to use place packs
                          No opening, baiting or other preperation required

How it works:

The rodent digestive track has a unique water absorption system regulated by a complex mechanism. Safe-Kill physically disrupts the water absorption mechanism which causes the rodent to lose up to 40% of its body weight from water loss, become dehydrated and lethargic, then fall into a coma and die.