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Spinosad Lawn & Garden Spray - 16oz Conc. - Green Light

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Controls Beetles, Worms, Fleas,
Leafminers, Thrips, and Spider Mites
16oz. Concentrate
by GreenLight

Active:  Spinosad  (A mixture of Spinosyn A & Spinosyn D)   0.5%
                          U.S. Patent No. 5,362,634 and 5,496,931

Other:                                                                             99.5%
Green Light Lawn and Garden Spray is a fermentation-derived insect control product intended for control of worms and other insect pest. Green Light Lawn and Garden Spray does not significantly impact beneficial insects while controling target pest by ingestion and contact activity. Susceptible insect pests may be observed on plants up to several hours after treatment, but will have ceased active feeding before being killed.


  • Listed by the Organic Materials Review Institute (OMRI) for use in organic production.

  • Vital component of 2-step organic fire ant control treatment program.

  • Not harmful to beneficial insects.

  • For use in vegetable garden, fruit trees, lawns, and ornamentals.
    Application Recommendations:
    Dilute at the rate of 2 fl.oz. to 1 gal. of water. Spray plants & insects directly as contact must be made to be effective. Use no more than 3 gal. of spray per 1,000 sq.ft. area.  Flush with water and see a physician if irritation persists.  As with all water based products, do not spray in full sun or during heat of day. Can be used up to one week before harvest.