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Sluggo 1 lb

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Slug & Snail Bait 1 lb

Price: $8.99

Active:  Iron Phosphate   1%
Inert:                           99% 
A unique blend of iron phosphate active ingredient, originating from soil, with slug and snail bait additives.  It is also used as an ingedient in some fertilizers. The bait which is not ingested by snails and slugs will degrade and become part of the soil.  The bait is attractive to slugs and snails and lures them from their hiding places and plants.  Ingestions, even in small amounts, will cause them to cease feeding.  This physiological effect of the bait gives immediate protection to the plants even though the slugs and snails may remain in the area.  After eating the bait, the slugs and snails cease feeding, become less mobile and begin to die within three to six days.  Dead slugs and snails may not be visible as they often crawl away to secluded places to die.  Plant protection will be observed in the decrease in plant damage.  This product is effective against a wide variety of slugs and snails and will give protection to home lawns, gardens, greenhouses, outdoor ornamentals, vegetable gardens, fruits, berries and citrus.  The bait can be scattered on the lawn or on the soil around any vegetables, flowers, fruit trees or bushes to be protected. 
Application Recommendations:
Evening is best time to apply as slugs and snails travel and feed mostly by night or early morning.  Granules should be scattered on the soil around or near the plants to be protected.  Spread the bait around the perimiter of the garden plot to intercept slugs and snails migrating from their daytime hiding places.  For broadcast application, some standard broadcast spreaders may be used.  Apply bait evenly at approximately 1 lb. per 1,000 square feet or about 1 level teaspoon per square yard.  Reapply as the bait is consumed or at least every two weeks.  Do not place in piles.  If ground is dry, wet before applying bait.  Soil should be moist but with little or no standing water.  If infestation is severe or area is heavily watered, apply more heavily.