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Rose & Flower Insect Killer - Concern

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Insect Killer 32 oz


Active:  Pyrethrins0.02%
Piperonnyl Butoxide, Technical           0.2%
Active ingredient pyrethrin is derived from an African chrysanthemum.  Works quickly to paralyze and kill most insects on contact, including aphids, blister beetles, caterpillars, cutworms, fireworms, flea beetles, flies, gnats, harlequin bugs, lacebugs, leafhoppers,leaf rollers, loopers, mealybugs, mites, mosquitoes, moths, scale, stink bugs, thrips, wasps, webworms and whiteflies .  Use on house plants, flowers, trees & shrubs.  Safe on African violets, orchids and other tender tropicals.  Piperonyl butoxide is extremely toxic to bees and other pollinators, so apply carefully to outside plants, avoiding flowers when possible.
Application Recommendations:
Ready to use formula requires no dilution or excess handling.  Spray when insects first appear.  Hold container 12-18" from plant and spray upper & lower leaf surfaces until slightly wet.  Cover as many insects as possible.  Treatment may be repeated weekly or as needed.  Avoid spraying plants in hot midday sun.  Avoid drift.  Use for insect control indoors and outside.  Spray insects directly.  Product will biodegrade.  Harmful if swallowed.  Toxic to fish. Do not apply directly to water.  Avoid contamination of food and foodstuffs.  Avoid contact with skin, eyes or clothing.  Wash skin with soap and water after using.  Flush eyes with water and see a physician if irritation persists.