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Rabbit Hill Diatomaceous Earth 25 lb. bag

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  • Rabbit Hill Farm
  • Completely safe and nontoxic
  • Stimulates basic metabolism
  • Converts feed better
  • Reduces odor and moisture in barns and stalls
  • Results in better coat and/or hoof condition
  • Cost effective
  • Reduces annual vet bills
  • Reduces overall animal stress
  • 3 qt, 8 lb., & 25 lb. Sizes
    A natural product, Diatomaceous Earth (also known as Fossil Shell Flour) is made from finely ground fossils of prehistoric fresh water diatoms.
    Application Recommendations:
    Add 2% of the weight of the feed rations. It doesn't have to be exact. University tests have shown that more will not be harmful, but less may not give you the results expected.