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I Must Garden Armadillo Repellent 32 oz Hose End

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  • Oragnic Armadillo Repellent

  • Stops the digging

  • Covers 5,000 sq. ft.

  • Last Up To 3 Months

  • 32 oz
    Price: $15.99


    Castor Oil95.39% 
    Soybean Oil1.78%
    Thyme Oil1.10% 
    Clove Oil0.75%
    Sodium Lauryl Sulfate3.40%


    I Must Garden Armadillo Repellent Controls Armadillos and other animals with our guaranteed to work Armadillo Repellent. This 32oz concentrate conveniently attaches to your garden hose. Covers 5,000 sq. ft. Long lasting protection up to 3 months!

    Put an end to the destruction caused by armadillos with I Must Gardenís Armadillo Repellent. Now you can safely and effectively put an end to the damage to your lawn, flower beds and plants with our all natural repellent. The ingredients in our formulation wonít harm the animals, but creates an undesirable environment encouraging them to go elsewhere.

    This repellent is so effective against armadillos because it quickly coats their underground food source, making it not only taste bad, but smell bad as well. The reaction of the animals is to leave the treated area and look elsewhere for their food source
    Application Recommendations:
    Spray at the first signs of damage. Spray in a manner to encourage an exit route. For instance, start at your house and work toward an exit point away from your lawns and flower beds. Be sure to cover all areas you wish to protect including areas that have not yet been infested with armadillos.