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Get Away Animal Repellent 32 oz RTU

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Repels by Odor & Taste
Repels Deer, Rabbits, Squirrels, Racoons, Dogs, & Cats
For Outdoor Use around Garden, Garbage, Lawns & Landscapes


Allyl Isothiocyanate† ……………………………….0.216%
Capsaicin and Related Capsaicinoids†† …………….0.042%

Vegetable Oil, Extract of Lemon…………………..99.742%

† From Essential Oil of Mustard †† From Oleoresin of Capsicum


  • Repels deer, rabbits, squirrels, raccoons, dogs and cats from gardens, lawns, landscaped areas  and garbage.
  • Repels by odor and taste.
  • For outdoor use.
  • Protects Gardens, Garbage, Lawns, and Bird Feeders
  • Keeps Dogs and Other Animals Away from Garbage, Gardens and Lawns
  • Ready-To-Use

    This unique product uses extracts of chili and essential oil of mustard to create an effective, dual-action animal repellent. It repels animals with an acute sense of smell and/or taste. The lemon scent is pleasant for humans. Effective against dogs, cats, raccoons, squirrels, deer and rabbits.
    Application Recommendations:

    For outdoor use only. Will stain fabric. Do not use where vegetable oil would be undesirable, such as car finishes, home sidings or screens. May stain concrete. Spray inconspicuous area to test. Animals will be repelled at the point of contact. It is important to cover entire area to be protected in each application.

    Garbage Bags: To reduce frequent tearing of garbage bags by dogs and raccoons, spray entire bag thoroughly, including the bottom. Use spray setting. Effective up to 36 hours before garbage pickup.

    Trees and Shrubs: To prevent deer from eating nonbearing shrubbery and trees, spray accessible areas of shrubs and trees. Use spray setting. Apply 0.07 oz. (approximately 2 full trigger sprays) per square foot. Repeat as needed.

    Landscaped Areas: To discourage digging by cats, dogs, raccoons and squirrels in landscaped areas, best results are achieved when product is applied to existing bark mulch. Wet entire area to be protected, especially outer perimeter. Use stream setting. Apply 0.20 oz. (approximately 5 full trigger sprays) per square foot. Repeat as needed.

    Lawns and Gardens: To discourage unwanted dogs, cats, raccoons and deer from entering lawn or garden, spray a five foot perimeter for border protection. Use spray setting. Apply 0.10 oz. (approximately 3 full trigger sprays) per square foot. Reapply every 7 to 10 days.

    Bird Feeders: To discourage the raiding of bird feeders by squirrels, wet area around bird feeder, including pole, tree limbs, trunk and leaves. Use spray setting for feeder and stream setting for all other areas. Apply 0.10 oz. (approximately 3 full trigger sprays) per square foot. Reapply every 7 to 10 days.