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Fire Ant Killer Concentrate - Qt. - Safer Brand

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Mound Drench 32 oz
Safer Brand

Active:  D-limonene (5.6 lbs/gal) 78.2%
Inert:           21.8%
Premium fire mound drench concentrate with application measuring instrument built in to container.  Active ingredient d-limonene is completely biodegradable.  Killing agent degrades waxy coating on exoskeleton and overstimulates motor nerves, causing paralysis and death.  Pleasant citrus odor.  Safe around people, pets and wildlife.  Protect skin and eyes from contact.  If product comes in contact with body, wash eyes with water, skin with soap & water.  May cause burn or death to foliage on surrounding plants & grasses.  
Application Recommendations:

Mound Drench
Use the appropriate rate of Safer Fire Ant Killer with enough water to ensure that the fire ant mound is completely saturated. Mix with water according to the dilution chart. Apply the mixture in the early morning hours before the fire ants become active. Apply the mixture in a circular motion starting at the base of the mound and continuing to the top of the mound. Mix only enough mound drench to be used at one time. Do not store mixture overnight.

Mix 2.5 oz. product with 1/2 gallon water.  Stir to mix thoroughly.  Measuring tool is built in to product container.  Follow package mixture directions to ensure that enough product is used to saturate mound.  Drench mound slowly & thoroughly to introduce product deeply and to all areas.    32 oz. concentrate package makes over 6 gallons.  Re-apply as needed. Makes over 6 gallons!