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Essentria IC3 Insecticide Concentrate Gallon

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  • Organic Insecticide Concentrate

  • Kills Crawling and Flying Insect Pests

  • Quick Control with Residual Protection

  • Multi-purpose: for indoor, outdoor, fogging, turf and ornamental, on animal and mosquito misting applications

  • Contains natural essential plant oils with fresh scent

  • Qt. & Gal. Concentrate Sizes
    Active:         Rosemary Oil                                10.0%
                       Geraniol                                         5.0%
                       Peppermint Oil                                2.0%
    Other:                                                              83.0%

    What makes Essentria™ IC3 work so well? Our most flexible, broad-spectrum EPA FIFRA 25(b) exempt product has gotten even better with three big improvements. There is no need for separate adjuvants, and we’ve added a fragrance modifier for a non-intrusive botanical fragrance. A convenient new quart size means you have an option for any sized job, even near or over water. Plus, our proprietary Octopamine BlockerSM technology uses natural botanical compounds to provide fast, complete knockdown with residual control. Essentria IC3 takes EPA FIFRA 25(b) exempt, organic-compliant insect control to a new level of efficacy and convenience with no compromises.

    Unique Mode of Action: Essentria IC3’s Octopamine Blocker Technology provides fast knockdown and kill across a broad spectrum of flying and crawling insects. The essential oils that comprise the active ingredients in Essentria products work by disrupting the neurotransmitter function in target insects. In invertebrates, with their simpler nervous systems, a multi-functional chemical known as octopamine handles many of these functions. By targeting octopamine receptors, these essential oils provide insecticidal activity with a much wider margin of safety than other products. Because vertebrates like birds, fish, dogs and people don’t have octopamine receptors; they are not affected by this unique mode of action.

    Sensitive Accounts: Because IC3 is based on botanical actives and is a 25(b) minimum risk insecticide, it does not require a re-entry period, making it perfect for treating accounts with a lot of human activity such as schools, day care facilities and commercial establishments. IC3 can also be used in many areas where efficacy cannot be compromised, while treatments must be made in the most chemically sensitive way possible. Zoos, animal clinics, educational facilities, government buildings, healthcare facilities and interior treatments of residential accounts are a few examples of such sites. Food processing facilities also directly benefit because Essentria IC3 applications may be made while the plant is in operation.

    Organic Programs: Essentria IC3 is NOP (National Organic Program) compliant which makes it the product of choice for operators everywhere who are treating organic facilities of all types. This includes food processing facilities, restaurants, and retail establishments where organic produce is sold. This feature also makes Essentria IC3 the “Gold Standard” product for all Green Pest Management accounts.

    No Aquatic Setback Requirements: Essentria IC3 has no aquatic toxicity, therefore, applications may be made near or over open water. This allows for the mitigation of spiders around boat docks and marinas. This also allows for thorough mosquito abatement treatments in areas where foliage runs adjacent to and over bodies of water.

    Pests On Label:
    Turf and Ornamental
    Ants, Aphids, Armyworms, Bagworms, Beetles, Billbugs, Chinch bugs, Chiggers, Crickets, Cutworms, Earwigs, Fleas, Grasshoppers, Hyperodes weevils (adults), Japanese beetles (adults), Lace bugs, Mealybugs, Mites, Mole crickets, Scale insects, Sod webworms, Tent caterpillars, Ticks, Whiteflies
    Bedbugs, Darkling beetles, (lesser meal worms), Flies (Deer, Face, House), Gnats, Lice, Litter beetles, Maggots (fly larvae), Mites, Mosquitoes, Poultry lice, Spiders, Stable lice, Ticks, Wasps

    Key Performance Benefits:
    Fast knockdown and kill of flying and crawling insects
    Safe and effective for misting and fogging applications as well as crack and crevice, broadcast and spot treatments
    Broad label with university proven and field tested performance
    An excellent choice for sensitive accounts and interior applications for residential and commercial accounts
    No aquatic setback requirements allows for treatment near or over open water
    National Organics Program (NOP) compliant

    Application Recommendations:

    Do not apply directly to house plants. Cover/avoid any pools or aquaria prior to spraying.
    GENERAL PEST CONTROL: To control accessible, exposed stages of crawling insects including, but not limited to, ants,
    bed bugs, cockroaches, cadelles, cigarette beetles, dark mealworms, dried fruit beetles, drugstore beetles, confused floor
    beetles, fleas, grain mites, fowl mites, mites, nuisance beetles (such as lady beetles), red flour beetles, rice weevils, sawtoothed
    grain beetles, spiders, spider beetles, yellow mealworms in sites that include, but are not limited to, apartments,
    homes, restaurants, food processing plants, industrial installations and warehouses, dilute at the rate of up to 0.5 to 6 fluid
    ounces of Essentria IC3 per gallon of water (use lower rate for maintenance service and higher rates for active infestations).
    Thoroughly spray non-visible areas where these insects are usually found with special attention to cracks and crevices,
    niches, dark corners, drains and other harborage sites. When treating for bedbugs thoroughly clean, vacuum, and air
    mattresses and springs prior to treatment. Mix Essentria IC3 at a rate of 1 to 4 ounces per gallon of water and apply as a
    spot treatment to cracks and crevices, around baseboards, floorboards, headboards, and walls. In hotels and other public
    lodging facilities pay special attention to luggage stands and the adjacent area. On mattresses and springs spot treat only
    areas that may harbor pests. Concentrate on tufts, seams, folds, and creases. Repeat as necessary. To prevent potential
    discoloring, do not spray on visible areas (i.e. baseboards, door frames, walls, etc.) and wipe away excess. Food processing
    operations may continue when Essentria IC3 is applied as a surface, spot or crack and crevice treatment in accordance with
    the directions and precautions given above.

    To control crawling and flying insects (moths and flies, including house flies, horse flies, stable flies, horn
    flies, mosquitoes, gnats, fruit flies, phorid flies, etc) in sites that include, but are not limited to, food processing plants,
    (INCLUDING USDA INSPECTED FACILITIES), industrial installations, animal quarters (cattle barns, horse barns, poultry
    barns, swine houses, zoos and warehouses), Essentria IC3 may be applied as a space spray through conventional
    fogging equipment misting systems (including mist sprayers and mist blowers), automated spray systems, and/or related
    application technologies. Cover or remove exposed food and cover food-handling surfaces in edible product areas of food
    handling establishments. Also cover sensitive surfaces (plastics, etc). Close and shut off air conditioning or ventilating
    equipment. Mix 4 to 10 ounces of Essentria IC3 insecticide with sufficient oil to equal 1 gallon of diluted spray. (It is
    recommended to use lower rates in most food facility applications). Apply at a rate of 1 to 3 fluid ounces per 1000 cubic
    feet, filling the room with mist (or fog, if thermal equipment is used). Keep area closed for at least 15 minutes. Vacate
    treated area. Ventilate before reoccupying. Fogging may create slippery conditions on painted floor surfaces. Retreat if
    reinfestation occurs.
    The product does contain plant oils that are inherently fragrant. When used in confined spaces, prolonged exposure to the
    fragrance may be objectionable to some individuals.


    PERIMETER TREATMENTS AND RECREATIONAL AREAS: To control aphids, ants, bees, boxelder bugs, centipedes,
    cockroaches, crickets, darkling beetles, firebrats, fleas, ground beetles, fowl mites, mites, millipedes, pillbugs, silverfish,
    sowbugs, spiders, ticks and wasps. In compressed air sprayers, dilute 1 to 8 ounces of Essentria IC3 per gallon of water
    (use lower rate for maintenance service and higher rates for active infestations) and apply at the rate of 2 gallons per 1000
    square feet or until area is thoroughly wet. Also apply to a band of soil and vegetation 6 to 10 feet wide around and adjacent
    to buildings. Treat the building foundation to a height of 2 to 3 feet with sufficient water for coverage. Make special efforts
    to spray areas where pest species congregate such as, but not limited to, waste receptacles, dumpsters, unoccupied picnic
    tables, the exterior of food handling establishments, and food pavilions. Additionally apply around potential entry areas such
    as, but not limited to, eves, windows, doorways, porches, porch lights, and around utility boxes. For power sprayers, mix
    approximately 1 to 6 ounces of Essentria IC3 per gallon of water (use lower rate for maintenance service and higher rates
    for active infestations) and apply until area is sufficiently covered (usually min. 4 gallons per 1000 square feet.). Maintain
    agitation. Repeat as necessary.

    Essentria IC3 per gallon of water. Apply 1 to 2 gallons of emulsion to each mound area by sprinkling the mound until it is
    wet and treat a 4 foot diameter circle around the mound. Use the higher volume for mounds larger than 12 inches. For best
    results, apply in cool weather, such as the early morning or late evening hours, but not in the heat of the day.

    mosquitoes and other biting flies using ground application, dilute 1 to 3 fluid ounces of Essentria IC3 per gallon of water.
    Treat harborage areas such as shrubbery and vegetation where mosquitoes/flies may rest. Shrubbery and vegetation
    around stagnant pools, marshy areas, ponds and shorelines may be treated. Repeat as necessary.

    must not be programmed to release pesticides where food or feed is directly exposed. To control flies, house flies, horn flies,
    stable flies, horse flies, mosquitoes and gnats, add concentrate to tank and add water to obtain desired dilution. Agitate
    well while adding water and maintain thorough agitation while system is in use. In automatic spraying systems like, but
    not limited to, misting systems used for mosquito and other biting insect control, solutions of Essentria IC3 may be stored
    for extended periods of time, not to exceed one month, as long as the system has agitation and the appropriate quantity of
    adjuvant is used. Dispense diluted concentrate through automatic spraying system. Set nozzles to deliver one ounce liquid
    per minute. Locate nozzles to cover a maximum of 2,000 cubic feet of space per nozzle. Set timer to operate in accordance
    with equipment directions. Dilute Essentria IC3 just prior to use at 0.5 to 3 ounces per gallon of water (Use lower dilution
    rates for preventative applications).

    the elimination of their harborage areas, dilute 2 to 8 ounces of Essentria IC3 per gallon of water and apply at the rate of
    2 gallons per 1000 square feet or until area is thoroughly wet. Since flying insects can migrate in and out of the treatment
    area, it is recommended to use this product as part of an Integrated Pest Management (IPM) program. This includes, but is
    not limited to, eliminating breeding and harborage sites.

    USE ON TURF AND GRASS: Used alone as a contact spray. To control Ants, Armyworms, Billbugs, Chinch Bugs, Chiggers,
    Crickets, Cutworms, Earwigs, Fleas, Grasshoppers, Hyperodes Weevils (adults), Japanese Beetles (adults), Mole Crickets,
    Sod Webworms and Ticks, dilute in a compressed air sprayer (or backpack) 2 to 4 ounces of Essentria IC3 per gallon of
    water and apply at the rate of 2 to 4 gallons per 1000 square feet or until area is thoroughly wet. For power sprayers mix
    approximately 2 to 4 ounces per gallon of water and apply until area is sufficiently covered (usually min. 4 gallons per 1000
    square feet with power sprayer). Exceeding rates may create potential phytotoxicity of turf surfaces.

    USE ON Non-bearing TREES AND SHRUBS: To control Mites, Scale Insects, Mealybugs, Aphids, Lace Bugs, Whiteflies,
    Tent Caterpillars, Bagworms and Beetles, dilute up to 1 to 2 ounces of Essentria IC3 per gallon of water and apply using a
    compressed air sprayer or power sprayer until foliage is thoroughly wet. Maintain agitation.