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Dried Molasses 50 lb. Bag

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  • Horticultural Molasses
  • Increases soil micro-organism populations in the soil
  • Can be used as feed supplement
  • 50 lb. Bag
    Molasses is food for soil micro-organisms which bring your soil to life! The granular form of molasses is easily applied with other amendments or fertilizers. Feeding the soil micro-organisms stimulates their growth and activity, which results in more organic material in the soil being processed into a form more easily absorbed by the plants. It is recommended that molasses be applied even if no other fertilizer or amendment is used. Also is a minor source of trace minerals.

    Dried molasses stimulates appetite and enhances growth and productivity. It increases the palatability of most feedstuffs including roughages and is ideal as a silage sweetener and preservative. Free flowing granules are an excellent source of energy for mixing or individual feeding.
    Application Recommendations:
    Apply 20 lbs./1,000 sq. ft. on lawns, gardens, and beds.