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All Purpose Potting Soil 10 Qt.

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100% Organic
Potting Soil
 by Garden Safe

This potting soil is formulated regionally from Canadian sphagnum peat moss, organic materials (reed-sedge peat or composted forest products), horticultural perlite, an organic wetting agent and lime for proper pH balance. 
Total Nitrogen (N)..................................0.06%.
Avail. Phosphate (P2O5)........................0.09%.
Soluble Potash(K2O)............................0.06%.
OMRI Listed: Garden Safe All Purpose Potting Mix is listed by the Organic Materials Reveiw Institute for use and production of organic food and fiber.

Premium-Blend Potting Mix: Canadian sphagnum peat moss, composted organic matter, plus perlite, for excellent drainage, aeration, water and nutrient retention. Contains no yard waste or commodity fillers.

Garden Safe Natural organic Plant Food: Enriched with organic plant food that provides both quick and slow release feeding for up to nine months. Contains primary nutrients essential for flowering, plant growth and vegetable yeild-naturally.

Organic Wetting Agent: Yucca plants have evolved to thrive even in the harshest desert conditions. Our organic wetting agent is a natural extract of yucca that helps to evenly distribute water throughout the mix and to the roots of the plant.
Application Recommendations:
Repotting: Choose a pot slightly larger than the original and fill with several inches of Garden Safe All Purpose Potting Mix. Gently pat down soil. Center rootball, fill pot with soil leaving about 3/4 inch between top of soil and rim. Pat down gently but firmly. Water plant slowly to allow absorbtion.

Seeds: Plant according to directions on seed packet. Cover seeds lightly with soil. Mist daily but do not drench.

Cuttings: Forn holes in mix with a clean pencil and place stem in hole. Cover stem lightly with mix and pat down gently. Moisten soil and cover pot with clear plastic to keep cuttings hydrated until roots develop.